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Friday, July 16, 2010

Shopping for fruits and snacks at Jambatan Pulau Melaka

A large varieties of fruits.
You can even buy toys for children.
Too colourful and very bright - the main attraction to tourists.
Love all these fruits.
I've bought the one in the middle. Very sweet.
Bubbles can be made by blowing the coloured water.
Dried fish crackers, ready-to-eat and some need to be fried - yum!
Different shapes of fish crackers.
These ready-to-eat fish crackers are a must have when you travels. So crunchy and crispy.

Address: At the Road side near Tok Guru's Bridge in Pulau Melaka.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Delicious Mango Ice Cream at Daily Fresh


Visit: Daily Fresh, KB Mall
What you can get: A variety of delicious ice creams with toppings, steam corns, waffles and cold drinks

The Mango ice cream is simple delicious! I wish I bought a second cup. This one was shared with Emran.

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