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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Restoran Hayaki, Jln. Sultan Yahya Petra

I like having dinner with my husband here. There's free wifi and a separate eating place for smokers and non-smokers. The food is not that great but they are quite good. The service is rather efficient and the waiters are polite and friendly.

Dataran Ilmu, Jalan Dato' Pati

There is a place in town that will be crowded on every Friday. It's called DATARAN ILMU or MEDAN ILMU. If you visit Kota Bharu, please reserved a few hours to visit this place. If you come as early as 8.00 am, you'll have a chance of listening to a religious lecture by the Chief Minister of Kelantan real live.

And I'm sure you'll be tempted to walk around the DATARAN because there are hundreds of stalls selling all kinds of things. Clothing, food, flowers & plants, traditional medicines, women accessories, car accessories... you name it.

And this place is where you can buy cheap JUBAH/JILBAB either for women or men in a good quality.

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