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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A New Fast Food Restaurant in Town: MFC Muzdalfa

Venue: Jalan Parit Dalam, beside NAGOYA Textiles
Owner: A Muslim Pakistani Man
Food: I've tried Chicken Pepperoni Pizza - very yummy, delicious, spicy and satisfying, a lunch set containing cheezy wedges - definitely have to eat that again, so good, coleslaw - almost like KFC's and 4 pieces of original fried chicken - quite good.
Services: Efficient, friendly - allow me to take photos and attend to my questions patiently. I'm sure I'll be there again soon.


Khazinatul_Asrar said...

Bestnya duk klate kan kakchik!.
huhu, rasa nak balik klate arini jugak~
kat bandar kb or kubang kerian ye ni?

chik said...

Memang best syaz, negeri bertuah insyaallah. MFC ni kat KB, dekat je dgn Pantai Timur S/market.

Syazana Aziz said...

best ke restoren ni? saye paking je depan tu. tapi macam xde nawaitu nak masuk. hihi

chik said...

InsyaAllah best... paling best pizzanya. Kat dalam ada wifi, suasana selesa.

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